Aerial Mapping Solutions


We capture, process and manage large aerial data sets to offline or online client portals, ensuring that you have full control and functionality over your drone data.


Using processed orthomosaics our solution allow clients to dynamically measure volume with the click of a few buttons.


Horizontal Length

Calculate the horizontal distance of multiple points across your 3D point-cloud orthomosaic created from over 1000 4K resolution RGB images.

Hover to reveal the location on the map


Want to find out the area of that location? With a simple click place a number of points around the desired area to get an accurate estimation.


Compare Volume

Do you need to analyse what happened between last week and now? Remotely compare volume of stockpiles and groundwork’s? – We got you covered

Volume Compare

Surface Area

Calculate the surface area of selected points across your 3D point-cloud orthomosaic and store them for later use.

surface area

Surface Length

Accurate 3D point cloud orthomosaics give clients the ability to calculate the flat area of a number of elevation points .

Volume Compare


What do you get with your data set?

  • Orthophotos in .jpg and .tiff format
  • Terrain data in .dxf and .tiff
  • 3D Point cloud (LAZ)
  • upto 1GB in overlays, video and other downloadable content

What can you do with your data?

  • Quickly calculate the grade of a surface
  • Create a pro-active approach to risk and safety
  • Manage stockpiles from a remote location with your online client portal
  • Export data for offline management

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