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SkyBot is a family run business with more than 15 years experience in Aviation and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. As a business, we believe in Quality, Fair Value, Honesty and Integrity. As a Fully Licensed RPAS(Drone) Operator approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and Dept of Transport, we obey any and all regulations set forth by such authorities.

Scott Hill

Accountable Manager

Scott has worked extensively within the oil and gas sector, focused specifically on industrial inspections and visual reporting systems. He holds the position of Accountable Manager – the person responsible to the Regulatory Authority (SACAA & Dept. of Transport) in respect of the functions which are subject to regulation, and carried out by SkyBot.

+27 82 6971 204

    Mark Hill

    Quality Manager

    Mark is SkyBot’s Quality Assurance Manager. He is responsible for ensuring that SkyBot’s Quality Assurance System is properly established, implemented and maintained. With 30 years experience, having run two successful companies, he handles all accounting and admin functions and helps maintain good business practice and partners.

    +27 82 4441 615

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